This is Macconext Security!

Macconext is an IT Research Company  providing advanced technology services and IT security solutions for individuals, organizations and government agencies.

With a team of competent and dedicated professionals , we deliver ultimate solutions on Information security, Data recovery, Data erasure, Forensic, website and mobile App development Challenges.

Since inception of Macconext Information Security Limited, has clearly distinguished itself in the IT industry by providing top notch products and consulting services to her clients.

IT Professional Outsourcing

” We outsource professional IT talents to your organization with a total backing of an EXPERIENCED team of Experts.”

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Data Recovery Services
Organizations & government IT professionals faces numerous challenges including the protection of agency data, assuring rapid recovery of emergency data loss and operations in the event of a crash or natural disaster. Lost Data? Let Us Help You! [ Read More]


Data Erasure Services
Macconext Security Lab provides a reliable solution to erase or wipe a hard disk before disposing of it or giving it away. When government needs to dispose computers that are no longer needed, the first step is to ensure it does not contain any sensitive or confidential data.  [ Read More ]


Website Design & Development
Just as websites differ by their business objectives, purpose, and function, the skills and expertise required to build successful websites differ as well. We design to exceed your expectation and work within your budget. [Read More]